A Choice of Finishes

Creating a building from a set of plans keeps the work on schedule and within budget, but a choice of finishes is not always set up as part of the blueprints. These smaller details are often left until the end of the job, and many homes have been nearly finished before they have been settled. Drywall is a common way to cover the studs and create walls, but it is amenable to many different finishes. Floors, window treatments, and even the color for the outside of the house can be touches left almost until the end of the job.

The interior of any building will need durable finishes that look good to those occupying the premises, and drywalls offers a variety of options. Paint is one of the more common finishes used today, and it comes in all the colors of the rainbow. For those who want texture, wallpaper has long been a popular option, and there are even large murals that can go over the walls to give it the look of a giant window into another part of the world.

Flooring choices today begin with wood in several different forms, but they can also be vinyl or ceramic. Made to look like almost anything, ceramic pieces can be laid down in many different patterns. Usually the floors of the kitchen and baths are covered in tiling due to the amount of water and traffic they bear, but other rooms can have a long wear life with wood.

Completing any home or office are the window treatments, and they range from frilly curtains through decorative blinds. Options today are many, so those making the final choices often consult professionals who can help them narrow the selection. Once the windows are fully dressed, it should be about time to move in the furniture.